When designing a Food Manufacturing facility every single aspect of the building must be taken into consideration, to create the most sanitary environment available. Food safety is a serious matter that needs to be prioritized to prevent the spread of food borne illness. It is important to prevent the spread of these illnesses as they can lead to hospitalization which increase healthcare costs, and in some cases they can even lead to death in younger children and older adults. To give consumers confidence in the food they purchase and eat, it is food manufacturers utmost responsibility to distribute healthy uncontaminated food products. One way to combat that is to install epoxy flooring in food manufacturing facilities.


Epoxy flooring in food manufacturing facilitates is especially important because without clean floors there are opportunities for bacteria and disease to grow in the facility. Antimicrobial floor coatings are ideal in a Food Manufacturing environment since the antimicrobial technology in the floor kills bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi, yeast, and algae. This technology works for the entire lifespan of the floor and creates an overall healthier and cleaner environment to work in because it prohibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria. This type of flooring bonds to concrete which prevents mold or bacteria growth underneath its surface. Since the flooring is a smooth, non porous surface that does not have grout lines there are no cracks and crevices available for bacteria to grow. Not only that but Progressive Paintings and Coatings provides other services to create a cleaner work environment.    


As a premier commercial coating company, Progressive Painting and Coatings offers a wide variety of flooring and painting applications perfect for any manufacturing environment.

  • USDA/FDA-approved flooring systems
  • High ceiling dusting/painting
  • Degreasing/painting equipment
  • Protect the floor from extreme chemical/temperature exposure

It is Progressive Painting and Coatings mission to provide our customers with the highest of quality sanitary conditions in the food manufacturing industry. Contact us for an  Antimicrobial Epoxy Flooring Quote today!