Decorative Floor Coatings & Concrete Stain

Decorative Floor Coatings

Employees of Progressive Painting and Coatings are well-versed in applying systems that add decorative floor coatings to your concrete surface. These types of floor systems not only look great but add durability and longevity to your surface. Decorative floor systems work very well in retail venues, corporate offices, plant aisle ways, etc.

We have a variety of blends and styles:

Broadcasted floor

Floor Logos


Chip (Vinyl Chip)


Decorative Sand


Flooring Designs (ideal for designated areas within your facility)

Broadcasted Floors

What is a broadcasted floor?

A broadcasted floor is coated with wet epoxy that is mixed with an aggregate and applied by hand.

Where are broadcast floors used?

Typically broadcast floors are used in a small area for decoration. Some businesses will apply a broadcast floor at the entryways of their businesses.

Floor Logos

Your company or team logo can be printed and then placed on the floor with epoxy resin over top.

What kind of file format is needed for the logo?

Your logo can be converted to proper format before going to printing.

Chip/Vinyl Floors

Decorative vinyl chips are added into the epoxy. After the chips are thrown by hand, a clear coat is used to encapsulate the vinyl flakes into the floor. Then a finish of urethane is applied.

A texture can be applied if a non-slip floor is desired.


Different epoxies are poured as puddles and then swirled around for an artistic look. Quartz flooring is an all natural flooring solution that combines quartz sand and calcium carbonate. Quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth, which can make it a great flooring surface for heavily trafficked areas. With decorative sand, you can make quartz floors look amazing!

Decorative Sand

Decorative sand flooring is a version of quartz sand flooring that brings vibrancy to your quartz-based floor. It is relatively easy to maintain, provides increased slip resistance, comes in many different varieties, is stain and chemical resistant, and will settle in fast.


If you’re interested in a particular flooring pattern, we can help you come up with an ideal design.

Where are decorative floor coatings ideal?

Decorative floor is best in non-slip areas and where you don’t need an antimicrobial floor coating. Great options for

Why Choose PBS for Decorative Flooring?

We offer a wide range of custom decorative flooring options. If you want a custom look and feel to match your company’s, look no further.

Are Decorative Floors Durable?

Yes, but they are not as durable as epoxy. The durability and lifetime you’ll get from a decorative floor depends on the surrounding environment. For example, a decorative floor in an office building will last much longer than a plant floor. If the floor doesn’t get a lot of traffic and isn’t exposed to other elements often, then it will last longer.

How are decorative floors prepared?

It depends on the current condition of the floor. Some preparation is always going to be required. In most cases decorative floors are being applied over a cement floor.

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Our Coatings

Electrostatic Dissipating (ESD) Coatings

Progressive Painting and Coatings has experience installing ESD coatings in a variety of different applications that require additional protection (anti-spark, anti-static).

Antimicrobial Coatings

We are able to install antimicrobial flooring systems which prevent the growth of microorganisms for environments requiring a high level of cleanliness.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

We specialize in the installation of products to protect your concrete from harsh chemicals, including acids and fuels, making containment possible.

Decorative Floor Coatings

Our technicians are skilled at applying coatings to achieve many decorative flooring styles such as quartz, patterns, decorative sand, and logos.