Get Floor Covering Installed over Holiday Downtime

Why are the holidays ideal for PBS to come in and work?

The holidays are a great time for you to have the PBS team come to your facility for painting and coating.

  • With fewer workers on site during the holidays, there is less interruption from our team so your team won’t lose as many or any production hours.
  • If your facility is completely shut down during holidays, we can make sure something is accomplished.

We are incredibly flexible for whatever time you need us in. If your operations run 24/7, but you have slower production shifts, we can complete our work around your schedules.

If you have a very busy schedule and need floor covering on a tight schedule we can accommodate. 

Services Provided During Holiday Downtime

Epoxy Floor Coatings

It typically takes just one or two days for a professional epoxy floor coating. The time it takes for us to complete an epoxy floor coating during the holidays is going to depend on factors such as:

  • Prep time for filling in holes in the floor.
  • The size of the project or how many square feet of coating.
  • Your facilities schedule and any possible interruptions, which we can mitigate. 

Typically, epoxy resin is cured within 24-72 hours.

Safety Lines

We recommend at least 72 hours for safety line paint to dry before subjecting it to any heavy traffic. Light foot traffic within 24 hours is okay, but if you are going to have heavy foot traffic or anything will come into contact with it like tires, we recommend waiting at least 72 hours. 

This is why the holidays are a great time to get your safety lines painted.

Degreasing and Painting Equipment

One of the best ways to remove tire marks and other scuff marks on your floor is degreasing. The holiday season is a great time to have your floors degreased so your employees can come back to a clean and clear floor.

Ceiling-High Dusting & Painting

Typically ceiling high dusting and painting services can be done overnight. We’ll often need to bring in a lift to accomplish this, but it will depend on the size of the building. With a lift, there’s a lot more to consider about managing the project. 

What We Need From You

In order to get a floor covering installed over holiday downtime, we’ll first need to have you plan out your project, which includes picking out your flooring. You’ll then work with our team to schedule your service. 

We’ll need access to your facility. You can choose to have someone from your company there, but we worked with other companies in the past that have allowed us access and we’ve done our work without anyone on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time of year to paint floors?

The best time of year depends on the type of floor, the condition of the floor, and what the floor is being used for. The holidays can be a great time for manufacturing facilities to have their floors painted because there is typically less foot traffic on the plant floor.

How long does it take for epoxy floors to cure?

Generally, epoxy resin will dry within 72 hours. Because it takes several days and can affect your ability to use the floor, holiday shutdowns are a great time to have your floor epoxied. 

How do you prepare for a concrete floor to be epoxied?

We’ll need to clean the concrete floor to get rid of any dust or dirt.  

What should I do during an industrial shut down?

If your facility is shut down it is a great time to consider having your floor maintenanced and painted. Since no one will be on your facility floor, no production will be interrupted by a painting and coating service.