Protecting Servers, Electronics and Other Equipment with Anti-Static Flooring

In the digital age, protecting your electronics and information is more important than ever. This is especially true for business, which requires specific safety protocols that will keep sensitive equipment safe from electrostatic discharge. So stop that damage before it happens with an ESD flooring system.

ESD flooring and anti-static floor coatings are necessary to protect your workers and your business. In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity buildup can cause significant damage, injury, and financial loss

This is why Progressive Painting and Coatings will install the right floor system that will meet the protection requirements needed in a static-sensitive environment. Not all ESD coatings are the same, so our technicians will assess your facility to ensure that the new floor that is installed will handle all the conditions that can be experienced in the field.

An ESD floor works well in testing laboratories, electronics manufacturers, data processing areas, pharmaceutical plants, and airplane hangers. We also find these coatings to outperform flooring alternatives like tile and are easy to clean and maintain.

Once installation is over, our job is not done yet. Progressive Painting and Coatings offers ESD testing at the conclusion of our floor evaluation, and we provide periodic testing to ensure the floor is meeting conductivity requirements.

The versatile application can be installed over concrete, vinyl tile, or other existing polymers. Plus, this anti-static coating will maintain electrical conductivity throughout its entire thickness.

Keep you employees and equipment safe with a fresh installation of an ESD flooring system from Progressive Painting and Coatings. Contact us today, or call us at 616-241-1096 for a quote. Big or small, we can help with your next painting or floor coating project.