Keep Your Garage Spotless With Stain-Resistant Floors

When you work in a garage or auto body shop, you know what messes they make. The worst of them involve oils and other fluids, which can create not just an eyesore, but a potentially dangerous environment. Therefore, what your garage needs is an epoxy flooring system.

The primary needs of a garage epoxy floor include the capability to clean easily and to resist stains. Progressive Painting and Coatings specializes in installing chemical resistant coatings that protect your floors from fuel or oil spills, making containment and cleaning easy.

You can also go beyond a typical epoxy floor coating by creating a unique decorative coating for your garage. Our technicians are skilled at applying different coatings to achieve many decorative flooring styles, such as quartz, patterns, decorative sand, and logos.

Once our technicians assess your facility, we will recommend a product that will meet the needs of your auto shop. For instance, how much traffic do you normally see, and what temperatures will your garage typically experience. These and other factors will affect the epoxy flooring right for you.

We promise that your new flooring system will be installed quickly and efficiently, working professionally with the best possible equipment, so your business does not experience any delays or unnecessarily long shutdowns.

If your garage or auto body shop desperately needs a flooring upgrade, consider a new epoxy flooring system from Progressive Painting and Coatings. Contact us today, or call us at 616-241-1096 for a quote. Big or small, we can help with your next painting or floor coating project.